Monday, February 1, 2010

Rc Lowrider For Sale I Want To Buy A Jervies RC Lowrider Car But I Cant Find Any For Sale Any Help?

I want to buy a jervies RC lowrider car but i cant find any for sale any help? - rc lowrider for sale

iv have, but I know that the site does not sell what you have to do them, but I'm lazy, someone trying to rush in to help because Cameron L

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dadragon... said...

I was in the R / C hobby for 5 years, and I havent seen Low Rider went straight to Radio Shack (The Source) or Real R / C type. One has to do ourselves. I just built (in part), my first team this summer and believe me, work and effort I have in this unit means that if something breaks, if I can find and resolve the situation quickly enough that I know that the design of it. But Lowriders are a beast of a different nature. What do you see? 1 / 10? 1 / 8? 1 / 12, which is a low rider. 1 / 18? 1 / 5? As you can see, there are many different scales.

If I have a Google search for Jervis Lowrider "It has changed in Jervis. And I found this site: ...

It belongs to you, but eventually you start tearing your car is worth.

Always go for the best that you can afford.

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